Alex + Ada #3

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  • 18.1.14


Alex + Ada issue #3 continues down the haunting, yet intriguing path. The story of boy meets android girl, boy rejects android girl and then suddenly finds her irresistible. It’s a story by Jonathan Luna, illustrated by Sarah Vaughn and set in the near future accompanied with a subtle, chilling undertone of a modern society.

Issue 3 builds where the previous two left off. We delve deeper into the story, learning about the integration of the robots and what they have been used for previously, and how they helped society during the wars. All androids are programmed to lack sentient, yet news stories are breaking everywhere of rebellious robots. Alex learns in this issue that he is in need of more from Ada, and begins the trail on how these robots are going off the rails, as it may very well benefit his needs.

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